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latest update:

So it's October already - how did that happen? The nights are drawing in, the heating's on but on the bright side - our oct.18 release is now live! We've made a lot of improvements to our software for estate & letting agents, based on user feedback and feature requests.

In this release we've made significant improvements to our geospatial data. In short, better data = better listing descriptions, and we've made improvements that will benefit agents all over the country.

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what we do:

we create exciting new propTech which makes it quicker, easier and cheaper for estate agents to create property listings.

Our technology uses artificial intelligence to automatically create a property description from a postcode, or your current location.

We pull in over 50 different datasets to build up a detailed understanding of a location, and use AI to automatically create natural-sounding content.

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who's it for?

we're initially focusing on the property industry, but the application for our AI tech is universal.

We're used by high street agents to improve property listings, and to get properties to market faster by cutting down on repetitive manual work.

Online estate agents use us in their sign up forms to improve conversion rates and serve areas far away from their office.

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our background:

we're a fast-growing startup based in Nottingham's Creative Quarter.

swiftcomplete was founded by Chris Winfield, who previously spent 8 years as head of development at technology company Postcode Anywhere / PCA Predict, creating a search platform from scratch which handled billions of queries every year.

After PCA (now Loqate) was sold for £66 million in 2017, Chris left to start swiftcomplete, the future of search technology powered by artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to personalise every experience, and what we've created so far is just the beginning.

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