Free Product Update: Latest release automatically creates property listings with greater relevancy

We're pleased to announce our latest release to our software for estate & letting agents.

This release is particularly useful for online estate agents, who can automate the process of onboarding new customers, and for traditional estate agents to speed up the process of getting new properties to market.

A huge thank you to our customers and followers on Twitter & LinkedIn for providing incredibly useful feedback which helped to shape this release - we value all feedback and always use it to help shape future product releases!

This release is automatic and completely free - customers will already be seeing the benefits of this update.

In brief - what's new in release v1.1?

  • Airports listed near a property are more relevant
  • We only list motorway junctions and railway stations near a property if they are within commuting distance
  • Agent information can be included within a listing, including estate agent name etc.
  • Detailed property information can be included within listings, including property era, type, floor (if it's a flat / apartment)
  • In detail:

    Our software uses a wide range of datasets to automatically research an area and to generate an accurate description for property listings.

    We received feedback that in some cases, the data was technically correct but could be improved to provide a more relevant summary of an area.

    We've focused particularly on transport in this release, so that we can accurately describe airports, motorway junctions and train stations near a property.


    At our office in Nottingham, the closest airport was previously listed as Nottingham airport, but this is actually more suited to business and private flights. The same was the case for Chester, which listed Hawarden Airport as the closest airport, rather than larger airports such as Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

    We've updated our data and geocoding technology to place more relevance on the relative importance of an airport, and to consider commuting distance when listing public transport facilities near a property:

    Users expect personalised, immediate and relevant information, but it can be complicated to provide this without the right technology. We can help you to deliver better experiences to your customers, and we carefully design our solutions to be quick to adopt and really simple to use.

    This means that our automatically generated property listings will now focus on larger, more relevant places near a property.

    Automatically add more detailed information about the property and seller

    We've had great feedback about the ability to automatically describe an area from online estate agents, and we were asked if we could include more information about the property to enhance the listings, such as the type of the property and the name of the agent:

    We can't automatically determine the era of a property, but if you capture this information it can now be included to create a more natural sounding listing.

    What's next?

    We'll be providing API access and developer documentation so that traditional and online estate agents can fully automate the process of including this information in property listings.

    We'll also be adding in more detailed information for properties in London, including London boroughs, Underground stations, DLR and more.

    If you'd like to hear more, follow us @swiftcomplete on Twitter, drop us a message or give us a call - we're a friendly team who love to chat, and you could help to shape the next generation of technology with us!

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